Water-treatment systems

water-supply-1.pngSG-Pro.group offers its Customers a full scope of water-supply and water-treatment system engineering services (from well drilling to treated water supply) for various sites relying on long-term experience of implementation of advanced technological solutions such as:

  • Application of high performance systems for water deferrizing and softening;
  • Application of membrane technologies (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration);
  • Up-to-date disinfection methods implementation (UV disinfection, ozonation);
  • Selection and application of the most effective chemicals for heavy metal residual content reduction.


water-supply-2.pngAt present the Company pays particular attention to such tasks as wash water treatment and disposal since it's an essential and necessary part of water treatment technology. Disposal of non-treated wash water into surface waters is inadmissible in light of a number of environmental laws. Thus we offer technological complexes capable of solving various tasks as well as dealing with highly specialized problems:

  • Mechanical sludge dewatering unit implementation,
  • Implementation of up-to-date wash water clarification equipment,
  • Application of thin-layer settling units in settlers and clarifiers
  • Selection of effective equipment and chemicals for wash waste water dosing and treatment.

water-supply-3.pngOur Company offers a wide range of tanks for storing technical water and quality potable water. The reservoir type and design is adjusted individually for each Customer.

Basic reservoir materials:

  • stainless steel
  • glass-metal
  • fiber glass
  • low-carbon steel (optional coating for potable water)
  • reinforced concrete

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