Comprehensive solutions for sewage treatment at industrial productions sites

The SpecialHydroProject group provides effective technological solutions for industrial sewage treatment allowing one to reduce or eliminate disposal fines, install small size equipment on the production site, develop an autonomous water disposal system and treated sewage disposal.

prom-1.pngSGP-Prom certified treatment systems are ultra-high quality systems which show good results on such sites as:

  • contract meat preparation and preservation industry enterprises (meat-packing plants, pig complexes, slaughterhouses, etc); 
  • fish processing enterprises and fish canning plants; 
  • milk processing enterprises; 
  • fat-and-oil production enterprises; 
  • fruit and vegetable processing enterprises (starch industry, juice concentrate, uncooked food production, etc); 
  • alcohol production enterprises; 
  • confectionary and bread production enterprises;
  • coffee shops and restaurants;
  • oil-processing and oil- production enterprises; 
  • TPP and GRES;
  • chemicals plants;
  • railroad depots; car washing plants; 
  • laundries, dry-cleaners.


The SpecHydroProject group offers all types of industrial waste water treatment equipment:

  • Mechanical treatment units;
  • Physical-and-chemical treatment units; 
  • Biological treatment units;
  • Sorption tertiary treatment units; 
  • Disinfection units;
  • sludge and pulp dewatering units. 

prom-3.pngMoreover, we undertake a whole scope of construction, mounting and commissioning works.

Our systems are designed for a long service life and allow one to improve waste water treatment quality at all regulated properties thereby reducing operational and capital costs! 

SGP-Prom systems are a reasonable choice at an acceptable price!

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