sps-1.pngThe SG-Pro.group produces and supplies transfer, lifting and transportation equipment for liquids with any physicochemical characteristics for Russian and foreign companies.

  • PS - pump stations for potable water;
  • SPS - pump stations for household sewerage;
  • FirePS - fire pump stations;
  • SpecPS - pump stations for special tasks, various aggressive media transfer;
  • DSC - dosing stations complex;

The company has experts with experience grounded in long term practical work. This allows us to offer pump stations (PS, SPS, FirePS, DCS) for the Russian market. Our pump stations have a number of advantages:

  • Reliability – a station casing warranty is valid for up to 15 years, we provide pumping equipment from recognized producers;
  • Simple design solutions at stations may be adopted for various tasks;
  • Automation of owned control, dispatching, mobile failure monitoring systems;
  • Ultra-high quality at an optimal cost.


sps-2.pngThe Company conducts a whole scope of pump station production, construction, mounting and commissioning works including capital improvement with pump, control board (control cabinets and panels) and casing replacement.

At the present stage, the Company produces 90% of SPS and PS casings out of fiberglass which differs from any other material based on its basic parameters: aggressive media exposure resistance, mechanical hardness, longevity.


sps-3.pngIn case of severe particulate matter contamination of different origin, TOYO centrifugal pumps are used, special design of which allows to transfer pasty mass with fibrous inclusions, different pH values (from 4 to 10) and high solid substances concentration. The unique agitation tank design allows puddling deposition in order to eliminate its accumulation in PS working space.

All casing, power equipment and

PS and SPS control panels production materials are certified.




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