SpecialHydroProject group is an “Environmental special task force”.

Our projects comply with all modern regulatory and legal framework requirements of the Russian Federation. When conducting its activities the Company calls upon the long-term experience of its qualified personnel as well as relies on the latest developments in science and technology made by Russian and foreign colleagues working on protecting the environment.main-page-1.jpg

SpecialHydroProject group's market success comes from the fact that we combine products, knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive solutions for our Customers.

In this sense we guarantee:

  • responsible fulfillment of tasks assigned by you;
  • strict compliance with the stipulated scope and terms of works;
  • flexible pricing.

Today as a response to increased EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION AND SALES we are looking to team up with high-tech equipment suppliers and big investors.main-page-2.png

In accordance with the Company's development plans, we are interested in expanding our equipment production and application across the world. This may include working together on a particular project as well as long-term partnership.

We consider having an individual approach and sincere interest in the successful completion of each project to be the foundation of successful cooperation.

It is important to note that our company produces only certified products and all construction works and commissioning are conducted on the basis of a competency certificate issued by a self-regulated organization.

We hope that we can make a good team.

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